Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Groovorio?

A: Groovorio is your tool to simplify and enhance the browsing experience. Once you have Groovorio installed, you can organize all your most frequently visited websites while also saving new ones.

Groovorio also improves browsing by including smart recommendation to your searches. The web is filled to the brim with unnecessary content and useless information--Groovorio is here to help you sort through it.


Q: How much does Groovorio cost?

A: Absolutely nothing. Groovorio is free and will continue to be. We believe the web should be open and free to all, and we don’t want our software to stand in the way of that ideal.


Q: I use Firefox as my browser--does Groovorio support it?

A: Yes, Groovorio supports Firefox and all other major browsers. If you are having any technical issues, don’t hesitate to contact our support center.


Q: How do you register?

A: No need to register for anything. Once you download Groovorio, all you need to do is install it, and voila, you have improved your browser! No payments, no membership. We intend to provide only value--we don’t want our users bogged down in distracting features or membership obligations.


Q: I’m not totally pleased with my Groovorio experience. What do I do next?

A: Please contact us to see how we can help. All feedback, both positive and negative is critical for bringing our product to the next level. But if you have made up y our mind, we have included a helpful uninstall guide for those who are less than 100% satisfied with our software.


Are we missing anything here? We’d love to hear from you. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send us an email and together we can improve the browsing experience.


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